How does Check-in work?

1. For the "instant booking" studios ("Instant book" button)

  • You have the ability to go to the studio spontaneously and directly check-in without prior booking.
  • Click on the QR code button. Then scan the QR code at your studio front desk and select either a class you want to attend or an activity if your class is not shown. In that case, you need to click on the button "I don´t see my activity" first.
  • That's it, once you've selected a class or discipline, you'll be checked in and ready to participate.
  • Simply show your check-in confirmation to the studio manager and you are good to go!


2. For the "confirmation required" studios ("Request to book" button)

  • You request bookings to your studios to secure a spot and check-in upon arrival at the studio.
  • However, if you decide to go spontaneously to a studio without a booking and the studio still has a free spot in the class and allows you to attend, you can then use the new instant check-in process.
  • Use the same procedure as described above to check-in and you are all set.
  • But please be aware that without prior booking you do not have a secured spot.


3. For the "upon appointment" studios ("call to studio" button)

You need to call your studio to make your reservation and fill the attendance sheet (please fill all the fields in this sheet).



For the members who do not have a picture of themselves in their profile yet, we strongly encourage you to do so otherwise the studio may refuse your entry.

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